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Rare Trace Fossils For Sale

Trace Fossil Photo

Pre-Dinosaur Fossil Amphibian (tetrapod) Tracks from Oklahoma

These fossil tracks are in a sandstone or siltstone matrix from the Middle Pennsylvanian Period, and are approximately 300 Million years old.  The fossil tracks are either of the ichnogenera Notalacerta (longer toes) or Psuedobradypus (shorter toes).  These great trace fossils come from a fossil track site that was discovered in Haskell County Oklahoma, from the McAlester Formation. Other trace fossils discovered here have included arthropod trackways, insect resting traces, fish swimming traces, and even fossilized raindrops, indicating a shallow wetland that was sometimes dry. 

Dinosaur Fossil Tracks with Closeup

Some of the finest specimens from this private property site were donated for study to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, one of the premier institutions for the study of trace fossils.  Personnel from the Museum indicated that it was their belief that this site was “…one of the most important Pennsylvanian age track sites in North America? 

These fossilized tracks would make a great addition to any collection.